My Milkweeds

I will update this part from time to time with photos off my own milkweeds.

This is my biggest milkweeds so far, White and purpur, behind them, lots of common milkweed seeds judst waiting for the summer heat to kick in.

blomster juni 040 blomster juni 027

Now all the swamp milkweed is getting bigger, next step.. to put them in the garden, im really exited how this will look and hopefully stay in the garden till next year

IMAG0862  IMAG0863

Also i got theese after a long waiting time.

IMAG0865 (1) asclepias-ice-ballet Asclepias_Wild_Ridge_Plants-1565IMAG0937

Asclepias purpurascens (Purple Milkweed) and Asclepias incarnata (Ice Ballet)

IMAG0911                 Screenshot_2015-04-28-18-10-30

Just recived all theese seeds in the mail.. cant wait to put them in the garden 🙂

The Asclepias tuberose i planted in the start of march, they came as roots in packets in the local supermarket.

my asclepias


The swamp milkweed is from seeds and i planted them the 19.march.2015

my swamp