Asclepias cordifolia (heartleaf milkweed)

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Asclepias cordifolia, Purple milkweed or Heart leafed milkweed is native to northern California,the Sierra Nevada mountains, Oregon, and western Nevada. Purple milkweed grows in all sorts of plant communities and is commonly one of the plants found on some of the northern California serpentine slopes. The leaves of purple milkweeds are tinged purple and they aren’t as fuzzy as many milkweeds.

Its a perennial that will die back in the fall to return in the spring. It is hardy in USDA zones 7-10. Heart-leaf milkweed grows about 1-3 feet high and has lovely heart-shaped blue/green leaves that are tinged with purple. It is unique in that it is one of the more colorful milkweed species.

18 Milkweed

The flower buds have a dark purple/burgundy look to them which open to reveal burgundy petals highlighted with a white or pink corona. The flowers appear from June-August and are followed by seed pods which are tear-drop shaped and also tinged with purple.